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Fit Guide

Fit Guide

Size Chart for BeMe Panties, Bralettes & Lounge Pieces

  (XS) X Small (S) Small (M) Medium (L) Large (XL) X Large
Bust 31"-32.5" 33"-34.5" 35"-36.5" 37"-38.5" 39"-40.5"
Waist 24"-25.5" 26"-27.5" 28"-29.5" 30"-31.5" 32"-33.5"
Hips 34"-35.5" 36"-37.5" 38"-39.5" 40"-41.5" 42"-43.5"

Size Chart for BeMe Bras & How To Measure

How to measure:

The measuring tape should be flat and snug around your rib cage, right below your bust

Band Size 32 34 36 38 40
Rib Cage 27"-29" 29"-32" 33"-34" 35"-38" 39"-41"

For the most accurate measurement it is best to wear a lightly lined bra. Measure around the fullest part of the bust with tape measure flat against your body. The difference between the band and the bust measurements will give your cup size.

Example Chart for Cup Size

(Example is based on 34" band measurement)

Band Size Bust Difference Cup Size
34 35 1 inch A
34 36 2 inches B
34 37 3 inches C
34 38 4 inches D
34 39 5 inches DD

Bra Fit Tips:

  1. Make sure the center section of the bra sits flat against the body.
  2. If your breasts are spilling out from the top or sides of the cups, you may want to size up. And size down if there is a gap between your body and the bra.
  3. Back of the bra - its best if the bra fits firmly on the loosest hook when new. Fit best when straight across the back without riding up. Keep in mind that the band is where the support comes from, not the straps. If your band is too big you'll tighten your straps too much causing pressure on shoulders. If band size is too small, straps may slip off your shoulders.
  4. Bra straps should fit comfortably on your shoulders without leaving marks after wear.
  5. Try a tee on over the bra to check that you like the look under clothes. A bra that fits properly will support you comfortably without pinching or discomfort.
  6. You may want to experiment with your size or bra shape to get it just right.

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